Jones Studio at Greenbuild Los Angeles: October 2016

Posted by on Jun 6, 2016

Memo Style

We are excited to announce that we will be presenting at Greenbuild on the topic of western water consciousness. This year the program has expanded to create a focus day called “Waterbuild”.

The info for our session is as follows:
WS02: Be Water: an Architect & a Lawyer Channel Bruce Lee in L.A.
Tuesday, October 04, 2016 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM

Along with Rhett Larson, a water lawyer and professor at the ASU College of Law, Brian Farling will be elaborating on the following abstract:

Imagine the Earth as a basketball; all the water in, on and above it would fill only a ping-pong ball. Now imagine the round head of a pin. This is all the freshwater we have. Water is our most precious resource – the essential characteristic that distinguishes this giant spinning rock from its neighbors. Water is everything, yet for most Americans the source of our tap water remains a mystery. In the western U. S., a sustained drought has awakened us from an oblivious slumber. A century of massive engineering projects that deliver water throughout the region are over allocated and under supplied. Many parts of the west (and the world for that matter) have dipped ever deeper straws into ancient underground aquifers, “mining” them toward obsolescence. We live in a water paradigm defined by 19th century laws, 20th century infrastructure, and a 21st century climate and population. Reimagining this century with large scale water augmentation projects (such as desalinization) will pose enormous economic and environmental challenges. With this conference occurring at the epicenter of the West’s water crisis, we felt it fitting to turn to Hollywood and borrow from the philosopher, actor and martial arts expert Bruce Lee for inspiration. His wisdom challenges us to: “Be Water” – or to inhabit an endeavor in an all-consuming and complete way. To heed these words, the people of the West must first embrace its arid nature as a cultural badge of honor and regional point of pride. This session will emphasize education and establish a basic consciousness of this region’s complex water resources. To “Be Water” we must also understand the basic laws of water – both scientific and legal. Providing this background allows us to intelligently begin our journey toward innovative and creative water resource solutions – so we can all become consumed in the endeavor of leading a water revolution. These future water resources might be realized as localized, micro-infrastructure style projects capturing flood events and overflowing into aquifer recharge points. These could be government buildings, urban gardens, mixed-use developments or private homes. This session will share case studies of these types of projects and ideas that by virtue of their embodied water wisdom are essential, beautiful and culturally significant.