Happy 40th Birthday Jones Studio

Posted by on Jun 8, 2019

“The mark of a successful life, then, is that days have flown by, but the years feel long and full.”

— Dr. Art Markman, Ph.D, UT Austin

My wife Lisa’s father used to tell me life is a cheat. Back then, I felt he was being cynical, not unusual in the elderly. Being the lover of life I am, I disagreed but eventually, as years quickly passed, I slowly understood. My father in law was referring to his frustration that life seduces us with joy, wonder and love. And before you know it… you’re dead.

That sucks!

Nevertheless, I’ll take the deal. This is from someone who now measures his age by the next decade. It keeps getting better and better, both with my growing family and rewarding professional life.

Rather than dwell on Lisa’s dad’s philosophy, I prefer to embrace the great Bauhaus architect Walter Gropius’ advice: “Assume you will live forever and cast your dreams widely. If your contribution is vital, there will always be somebody to pick up where you left off.” I love the audaciousness of that quote.

Why do I seem preoccupied with passing time? Well, Saturday, June 8, 2019 is not only the birthdate of my two towering architectural heroes, Frank Lloyd Wright and Bruce Goff, it marks a major milestone in the history of Jones Studio.

40 years ago, Jones Studio was born.

From one guy in a spare bedroom to the 15 best people working together, every day, in our own freestanding building, architecture continues to be great fun. The future is calling. Can’t wait to celebrate anniversary 80!

Eddie Jones, June 3, 2019