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2014 | Paradise Valley, AZ | Private Residence | 4,000 sq ft

The site slopes in three directions; it is a desert knoll. Linear forms, assuming they are long enough, will inherently emphasize the shape of the landscape by contrasting a level parapet with the sloping topography.  The home is a simple collection of rectangular pods linked by a covered exterior path.  Each pod can be turned on or off – living, sleeping or working.  This perspective on using energy only when needed is underscored with a 13.7 kW rooftop photovoltaic array.

The program included a lap pool. This linear element finds directional purpose in its alignment with the 6 million year old Papago Peak six miles away and the center line of the main entry door!

Who doesn’t relate to the old barn, the wood ruin? There is a beautiful honesty in relinquishing architecture to the uncompromising reality of nature. If the intentions are sincere the architecture will only get better.





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