2017 | DeSoto, TX | Manufacturing Facility & Office

Consisting of 20,000 sf of office within 142,000 sf product assembly space, SEW Eurodrive aimed to create a healthy, safe and equitable workplace for its employees.

As with any assembly facility, a key challenge was the flow of plant processes. The assembly plant is laid out with an assembly line spine where products and supplies enter the building from the west side, are off-loaded at truck docks and transferred to storage racks near the main assembly line conveyor system. Workers are grouped into pods along the assembly line and can easily access needed parts. Assembled motors are then placed onto the main conveyor system, which carries them to the paint area, test area, packing and finally shipping areas where they are loaded to the east side truck docks.

To provide the best working environment for workers, SEW prioritized access to daylight above the assembly line area and work pods, which had the added benefit of minimizing lighting costs, and ensuring that even with a power outage basic assembly operations could continue. It was important that the office building connect to the plant, which it does with the lobby and a motor gallery featuring the company‚Äôs products. The lobby and gallery design includes a custom bright red metal canopy perforated with gear-shaped holes, as well as clear glass walls that provide visitors a direct view into the plant to see the operations. The facility is bookended on either side by a garden for impromptu outdoor meetings an informal “beer garden” used for daily lunch breaks and large company gatherings. SEW also wanted to ensure that plant and office workers had equal access to a fitness room with lockers and showers as well as a break room with a garden.