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2015 | Oklahoma City, OK | Private Residence | 7,500 sq ft

“Unknown to the most recent generation of architects, a strange but wonderful house still “lives” outside Norman, Oklahoma, quietly at home with the vast horizon and prairie grasses.  Built in 1954, it was the great architect, Herb Greene’s first completed project.  Locals have always called it the “Prairie Chicken”.  I first saw it as a college student and its image of frozen poetry never left me.”  –Eddie Jones

“Prairie Raptor” does not aim at “Prairie Chicken” 20 miles to the south.  Rather its cross hairs are centered on the tallest structure in Oklahoma City: a skyscraper for BIG OIL!

The African Serval cat is a forty-plus pound feline; speedy and graceful with very long, sharp teeth.  There are three of them sharing occupancy with the owners.  Human visitors enter and move cautiously through the cats’ jungle.  A transparent loft provides an ideal elevated, defensible position for Simba, Nala and Sampson to observe the entering fresh meat!

The architecture intends to emulate their speed and grace.




american institute of architects / arizona
Merit Award