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2015 | Phoenix, AZ | Performance Space & Garden

Constructed in 1929 as the First Baptist Church, the Monroe Street Abbey, as it is affectionately called today, stands as a burned out ruin recalling the early days of downtown Phoenix. It was placed on the National Register of Historical Places in 1982 before the fire of ’84 destroyed the main roof structure. Over the years, nature has planted a garden inside the towering Spanish renaissance walls creating what must be one of the most unique public spaces in any metropolis. In the future, the garden will be irrigated by captured rainwater that is stored in an underground tank.

It is within the context of this special urban ‘secret garden’ we propose an equally unique and special idea: the urban theory of ‘armature’ first developed by the great American architect, Herb Greene.

The talented design team of the Monroe Street Abbey includes Herb Greene (design and vision), Michael P. Johnson (inspiration and original idea maker), Eddie Jones (executive architect), Chris Winters (landscape architect), Lila Cohen (conceptual production), and Mel Slaysman (structural engineer).