2016 | Tempe, AZ | Commercial Office | 6,700 sq ft

Finally, after all these years of rent we own our home!

After all these years and still wearing jeans.

We chose a small undeveloped site in a residential area near the Arizona State University campus, with light rail stops, bike lanes and at the center of a perpetually youthful population.

It is a building in a garden with parking in a tree bosk.

Our home harvests rain water into a 2,500 gallon underground storage tank. The building daylights itself.  We will enjoy natural ventilation, an interior tree, and the play of shadows and light on and through a crazy masonry wall.

We will party on the roof!

But most of all, we make our new neighborhood… better!



American Institute of Architects Arizona
SRP Sustainable Design Award


Arizona Forward
Crescordia Award – Vitalyst Health Foundation Award for Healthy Communities – “Sustainable Workplaces”


American Institute of Architects / Western Mountain Region
Merit Award