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2015 | Goodyear, AZ | Manufacturing Facility & Office | $11.8 million

Despite a zoning ordinance preventing their use, Jones Studio embraced the challenge of convincing the city that an “engineered metal building” could be Architecture.  The building is shaped to collect rainwater and oriented perfectly to allow the owner to install a massive future photovoltaic power array. A series of giant water storage tanks anchor the building ends.  150,000 gallons of capacity for harvested water will irrigate enclosed gardens that provide daylight and offer views from the office areas as well as the manufacturing plant. A grove of trees overlay the parking area and provides for a shady respite from the Arizona sun.

Inside the plant, daylight provided by a 370’ long by 9’ tall north facing clerestory fills the space.  When the plant is operating on the evening shift, a state-of-the-art LED system provides low cost energy efficient lighting. This collection of design decisions, along with an authentic use of materials in their natural state ultimately provided the clarity that the city needed to understand how an “engineered metal building” might actually enhance the community.




American Institute of Architects Arizona
Distinguished Architecture Award — Merit Award


Arizona Forward
Environmental Excellence Award — Merit Award