Bohemian Grove_01

2014 | Monte Rio, CA | Private Men’s Club

Bohemian Grove maintains its mystique.

It is a 2,700 acre campground with 1,000 year old redwoods, north of San Francisco near Monte Rio, California.

Since its 1872 inception, the Bohemian Club’s membership and guest list has included artists, prominent business leaders, presidents and other world leaders.  Completed project photographs are forbidden.

With its combination of wealth and power, Bohemian Grove’s secrecy has been a target for protest for many years.  No worries, they can take it.

Writer and journalist William Henry Irwin said of the Grove:

“You come upon it suddenly, one step and its glory is all over you.  There is no perspective; you cannot get far enough away from one of the trees to see it as a whole.  There they stand, a work of height above you, their pinnacles hidden by their topmost fringes of branches or lost in the sky.”